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Evolution Land Surveying Ltd. is a full service land surveying company serving the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver of British Columbia. Their expertise in their field has given them the flexibility to provide a wide range of services for several industries requiring land surveying services. With constant training and testing using the latest technology and surveying equipment, Evolution truly brings Your Future. Delivered.

Below are the land surveying services that Evolution provides:

Baljit Chahal
Baljit Chahal
Excellent service, knowledgeable, quick response on phone as well as super fast delivery of work project report. 101% satisfactory services.
Healthy Homes
Healthy Homes
Accurate, Detailed, Fast, Flexible, Personable! As a Commercial Realtor, the quality of my professional network is crucial to the success of my business of serving my clients. I was immediately and consistently impressed with the services of "Evolution Land Surveying" and their Principal and Founder, Zheng Tong. I had the pleasure of meeting Zheng while I was helping one of my clients to assess some land surveying information regarding a delicate business matter. Zheng was able to deliver on everything we needed quickly, on budget and accurately with the specifics of measurements. Additionally, Zheng was able to adapt to and address the needs and nuances of the deal itself and more importantly ... all the people involved. This was something very different, intelligent, and necessary in my opinion ... especially in a business like land surveying which on its face is primarily about facts and figures, yet it also has an integral part to play in the emotional dynamics of the real estate industry. Definitely would highly recommend Zheng to other Realtors, Developers and my Clients! The evolution of land surveying IS "Evolution Land Surveying"!
lee marcinkow
lee marcinkow
Zheng and the team at evolution were great. The owner was extremely knowledgeable, accommodating and fairly priced. Would not hesitate to hire Evolution again.
Moudy Abdo
Moudy Abdo
Zheng and his team are such professional and cooperative. Zheng deeply understand his work. I have used the company service twice once for permit application and a year later to mark my house property line for fencing. In both, they were timely responsive and delivered at the highest quality with reasonable pricing. I shopped around in my first job and chose Evolution , and in my second job, i went directly to Evolution as they earned my trust. Highly recommended!!
Scarlett Kim
Scarlett Kim
Evolution Land Surveying helped to do a survey to fill an urgent request and delivered the plan in two days. I really appreciate their accommodating and professional service.
M Sandhu
M Sandhu
Evolution Land Surveying was a pleasure to deal with on our new construction project. Their team was completely professional, thorough, and had a quick turnaround time. Prices were competitive and we look forward to working with the again. Highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for any type of surveying work, you will not be disappointed!
Eugene Ng
Eugene Ng
100% recommend using Zheng's services. He was attentive to my specific needs for city permit applications. Consulted with me on the type of survey required and provided services at a very reasonable cost.
Gurmeet Singh
Gurmeet Singh
Zheng is very professional and responsible. He is very committed and competitive. Provides the work on time. I would highly recommend him for all your survey needs.
Burt Deeter
Burt Deeter
Evolution Land Surveying completed a topographic survey of our property. The work was very professional and completed much sooner that I was quoted by other surveying companies. I have no hesitation in recommending Zheng's company for your survey needs.
Topographic Site Survey Package

Evolution land surveying provides the clients with topographic site plan to serve their unique demands with a base with essential information for the intended construction, from building addition, building renovation, to potential land development opportunity.

We are familiar with the plan requirements of municipalities across the regions of Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley. Not only do we ensure our certified survey plan help you obtain your municipal permit smoothly, but also accommodate additional design requirements requested by your consultants, working seamlessly with your designer, architect, civil engineer and QEP.


Following the initially delivered plan, our survey package will, bearing in mind of the time-sensitive nature of further needs, continue to provide services at your pace:

  • Layout survey for both excavation and new building
  • Benchmark setup for builders
  • Forms Location Certificate for inspection

Property Line Survey Package


Only a Certified British Columbia Land Surveyor knows where your boundary is. Before determining where your boundary is, we perform rigorous records research of land title certificates and legal survey plans retrieved from BC land title office and some older records from the local municipality. Following the research, a diligent field inspection is conducted to collect survey evidence to retrace boundaries for your land surveyor to interpret your boundary. At Evolution Land Surveying, we provide property line staking service to materially delineate the location of your property lines with wood lathes.

During the survey, we may also help you determine any property line encroachment or any lost/disturbed legal survey marker at your property corners. Optionally, our survey package also offers:

  • BC Land Surveyor’s Encroachment/Non-encroachment Certificate for documentation
  • Posting Plan survey to re-post the survey marker
  • Reference Plan survey to re-establish the concerned boundary

Building Location Certificate

Building Location Certificates, aka mortgage certificates, are plans showing house location relative to the lot property lines as well as any structures and rights-of-way on the lot, and any encroachments either onto or off of the lot. It is often required by your financial institution as one of the financing requirements in occasions, such as a house purchase.


In addition, Building Location Certificate may also be needed:

  • for house addition compliance purpose
  • for house renovation compliance purpose

Building Strata Survey Package

From duplexes, to townhouses, to multi-phased and complicated condominium developments, no matter if your project is a two-units house strata or a mixed-use building strata that demands air space subdivision, we will provide assistance throughout the complex subdivision approving process and the sophisticated designing process, proactively working together with all parties involved, including your architects, lawyers, marketing team, as well as the municipal planners and approving officers.

In conjunction with our Subdivision Survey Package, we ensure your strata development needs are fully covered:

  • Topographic site survey for initial design and application
  • Layout survey for grid line and other construction support
  • As-built survey of off-site roads and services
  • Post the new lot corners encompassing your building

We familiarize ourselves with municipal planning and LTSA policies with respect to strata and air space subdivision. All required legal survey plans will be delivered as a package in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


Services in our strata survey package include:

  • Preliminary Strata Plans for pre-sale purposes
  • Form V and other forms under Strata Property Act
  • Air Space Plans for building space separation purposes
  • Final Strata Plans
Subdivision Survey Package

From simple two-lot subdivisions and boundary adjustments to complex multi-phase developments, we will assist you through the subdivision approving process, collaborating seamlessly with all parties involved, such as the planners, civil engineers, architects, approving officers, lawyers, other consultants and marketing team. All legal survey plans required during this process will be delivered in a timely manner for you to receive municipal approval and to deposit at the BC land title office. No matter what plans are needed, you are covered by our services.

Apart from the final land surveying products mentioned above, we also provide

  • Topographic site survey for initial design and application
  • Layout survey for construction support
  • As-built survey of off-site roads and services
  • Post the new lot corners on all subdivided lots

Legal survey plans we prepare for your development projects typically include:

  • Subdivision Plans
  • Reference Plans
  • Statutory Right of Way Plans
  • Easement Plans
  • Covenant Plans

your future. delivered.

Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley Land Surveying Services

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