Langley Legal Land Surveyor

Langley Legal Land Surveyor

Evolution is a legal land surveying company serving the City of Langley, Langley Township, and Fort Langley. For both residential and commercial properties in BC, legal land survey monuments determine boundaries of the land. These markers are important to have so as to clarify the location of property lines for the property owner, neighbor or a potential property buyer.

It is important to have accurate legal information on land boundaries because they can show changes to a given property, and indicate potential restrictions on the property like what can be built and how large it can be built. Evolution has the expertise in providing accurate legal land surveys in Langley.

Trusted Langley Land Surveying Services

As a licensed legal land surveyor, Evolution is fully qualified to deliver legal land surveys for a wide range of clients. When it comes to legal property boundries, Evolution has delivered fast, accurate and professional results for the following land uses:
  • Subdivisions
  • Strata developments (Building Strata or Bare Land Strata)
  • Posting Plans
  • Commercial Real Estate

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Accurate Land Surveyors in Langley

Having the exact measurements on your legal land documents are extremely important to the land owner, neighbor, or potential purchaser. Before selling or buying land in Langley, a legal survey will determine the exact boundaries of the land based on the legal papers filed. If any of the measurements or details are not correct, problems will invariably ensue.

One of the most common mistakes a land surveyor can make is a miscalculation of a properties boundary. This could stem from lack of organization, a mistake on the surveyors part, or in some cases due to faulty equipment that produces inaccurate results.

At Evolution Land Surveying, we take pride in paying attention to the details in everything that we do from field work to office work, to customer care. All our surveying equipment is tested regularly and our operating procedures ensure that nothing is missed, and all final results are complete and accurate.

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Looking for a Langley Surveyor?

If you live in Langley and need a legal land surveyor Evolution can help. For more information on Langley legal land surveys, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Call 604-493-2020 or email us at [email protected].

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